Before you begin using Method, it helps to have a clear idea of what your needs and expectations are. Method:CRM offers an out-of-the-box contact manager with a powerful QuickBooks sync and many other integrations. And while that can be more than enough to get you started, the Method platform offers customization potential and a number of add-ons to help you solve any of your business’s needs. Amidst all the features, it helps to dial in on your reasons for using Method in the first place, or you might be left floundering.

Are you ready to dedicate your time?

The first key to a successful Method implementation is to set aside time for it. While Method will soon be a seamless part of your workflow, you do need to make an initial investment to get set up and familiar with Method. Gradually transitioning to Method is not an effective strategy, as much of Method’s strength is its ability to centralize work. It’s designed to bring you away from the scattered, piecemeal approach that wastes your time and money. Similarly, if you’re planning to use Method, you have to go all in. Using Method as yet another component of such an approach is counterproductive.

So make sure that when you’re ready to start using Method, you’re doing so at a time when you’ll really be able to commit resources in switching over to a new system. If you aren’t ready  to make use of a broad range of Method’s offerings, you may find yourself unable to take advantage of the features that are key to making your work more efficient.

Do you know your goals?

Knowing what you want out of Method before you start using it will help you identify in which areas you want to focus as you begin using Method. If you’re looking to easily accept payments from customers, you’ll want to focus on establishing your billing process and setting up your portal. If you want to use Method to manage your campaigns, you should make sure you have a robust list of contacts. Method has such a wide variety of features that going in without a clear objective can end in frustration.

Going in with a specific plan can also help you to identify areas in which the out-of-the-box solutions don’t quite meet your needs. Method offers a platform with which advanced levels of customization are possible, and Cloud Consultancy specializes in both tailoring existing Method:CRM features and using Method’s tools to create unique systems for our clients. With Method, you don’t need to adapt your processes to meet the limitations of your software—we adapt Method to reflect the way your company does business. If you know what you need from Method, we can make it a reality.