Cloud Consultancy, LLC not only specializes in cloud-based applications but also works primarily in the cloud. We have a robust suite of software at our disposal to make this a painless process for our clients, allowing us to capitalize on resources across the United States.  While we have great faith in the power of working in the cloud, Cloud Consultancy is also happy to travel for on-site meetings and training. Broadly, Cloud Consultancy offers two types of service: Method:CRM Account Management, and Method:CRM Support and Customization, detailed below.

Method:CRM Account Management

Method: CRM account subscription billing and support is either managed by Method Headquarters or by a certified Method Partner (MP) such as Cloud Consultancy. The Cloud Consultancy team includes three MPs who are all Method Certified Advanced Consultants, the highest certification offered by Method.

As your Method Account Manager, we directly handle the billing for your Method Subscription. Rates are the same as those listed on the Method:CRM website. We require automatic payment by ACH transactions from a US checking account.

With Cloud Consultancy managing your Method account, we are your dedicated point of contact for support, training, consulting, and customization, with Method Headquarters only being responsible for emergency technical support. We’ll know you and your company’s needs and be able to provide highly personalized service and the reactivity of a small team. View our Method Account Management terms and conditions here.

Method:CRM Support and Customization

Method:CRM is extremely customizable and can be used to support the processes that your company already has in place, rather than forcing you to adapt to your software’s limitations. The Cloud Consultancy team has been customizing Method accounts since 2010 and has experience with a wide range of small and medium businesses. If you think you have a project we can help with, please get in touch.

For customization and other consulting work, Cloud Consultancy uses an open engagement, as described in our terms of service. We bill our hours against your prepaid retainer balance. This gives us and our clients more flexibility in responding to projects as they arise, rather than constantly redefining the scope of work as it evolves. Our consulting and customization rate is $185 an hour billed in one-minute increments, and retainers are billed in increments of $500.  Upon request, we will gladly provide a quote for a specific task.  For retainer payments, we accept ACH checking payments, Visa, and MasterCard.

In general, customization consultations will be held through a scheduled web meeting. To make the best use of this time, it is important for clients to begin the meeting with a specific list of tasks to address. Once clear goals have been established, and a retainer payment has been made, Cloud Consultancy can proceed to customize the client’s account using a user name specific to Cloud Consultancy. Testing is an important part of the customization process and requires involvement from the client.  Testing is billed at the same rate and generally constitutes about a third of the total project time.