We’ve all grown used to the standard username and password login screens. But your Method:CRM account is a little different. In addition to the username (or email) and password, you’ll need your company name as well. This makes a few things possible. For one, your username only needs to be unique to your company, not Method as a whole. That means that your username can actually be your name, not a string of abbreviations and numbers put together in a bid to find something no one else has. It makes logging in and managing users straightforward and accessible. The other benefit is that it makes it easy for one user to have multiple Method accounts. Again, users are unique to the company, so it’s simple for one user to have multiple distinct accounts for multiple companies.

Managing your multiple logins (or your single login) can be tricky, though, so Method:CRM can be integrated with an Intuit account or a Google Apps account to easily manage your login information so that you have less to deal with.

  • For users of QuickBooks Online or Payroll, Intuit Merchant Services, or any other online Intuit product you’ll already have an Intuit account you can associate with your Method login. If you don’t have an account, you can create one for free on Intuit’s website. There is a one-time setup process to associate your Method account(s), and then you’ll only need your Intuit login to access any of your Method accounts. Check out Method’s help article for full instructions on getting started.
  • If you have a Google Apps account, it might be more convenient to use your Google OpenID to sign into Method. To do this, however, you must be using a paid Google Apps business account. With Google Apps integration, you can automatically be signed into Method any time you are logged in to your corresponding Google Apps account. If you use your Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Calendar all the time, associating your Google account to Method might be the better option. Method goes through the setup process in a help article on their website.

Integrating your logins is totally secure and can save a lot of the headache of remembering the right password for everything—just another part of creating a more efficient workflow for you and your company.