Becoming a Method System Administrator

Cloud Consultancy is a Method:CRM Consultant

Method:CRM is one of the best business tools you’ll ever experience. Before you can enjoy the all benefits Method:CRM provides, however, you’ll first need to learn the basics, and someone in your organization will need to act as your master system administrator.  Method Headquarters has a wealth of information on learning to use Method:CRM, but it can be difficult to know what is relevant to your needs until you already have experience with Method. Based on thousands of hours using Method:CRM and training others, we’ve selected key articles as an outline to guide a would-be Method:CRM system administrator through the subjects needed to perform the tasks. We’re using our insight into Method to give structure to the copious amount of support material available, in order to provide a simple, introductory course for new users and administrators. It is assumed that the system admin has a working knowledge of Method:CRM; to brush-up on using Method:CRM, check out our guide to Using Method:CRM – The CRM part. Follow the links below to various articles on our site or in Method’s Help Center.

First, the administrator needs to become proficient with the following material:

  1. Special Powers of the Master System Admin
  2. Initial sync with QuickBooks
  3. Navigating the Customize Tab
  4. Managing Users
  5. Managing the Sync Engine
  6. Configuring Default Email Settings


Making the Most of Method

Method is a web platform with an integration to QuickBooks. Its CRM functionality is extremely useful, but essentially just one app for the platform. To make the most of Method, you’ll need to fully understand more than just how to use the CRM aspects of Method. Make sure you:

  1. Understand your reasons for using the Method platform
  2. Decide how you’re going to use the Method:CRM app
  3. Go beyond Basic CRM
  4. Explore advanced integration
  5. Begin Customizing Method