1At Cloud Consultancy, we use QuickBooks Online to run our business. Of course we are committed to cloud based solutions like Method:CRM and QBO, but that not the sole reason for using QBO. We love using it and love it when our clients do.

Heres a list of our favorite things about QBO:
Everywhere, all the time access for up to 25 users, plus two accounting firms, and unlimited reports-only viewers and time-tracking users. For a company like ours with multiple offices, this is one of the greatest things about QuickBooks Online.
The sync with Method:CRM. Even though we have been long-time fans of the Method:CRM patented sync with QuickBooks Desktop, the syncing with QBO is much better. Any issues with the sync with QuickBooks desktop are never Methods fault, it is always problems with the QB file ??“ it has shut down, or gotten moved, or corrupted. But it is still one of our top support call reasons with Method clients. With QBO, The. Sync. Just. Works. All. The. Time.
Auto-invoicing and QuickBooks Payments. This is the easiest way to get paid by clients weve ever come across. If you have recurring invoicing to do, you can set up QBO to auto-email invoices to clients, with a payment link embedded. You can see when theyve opened the invoice; no more customers saying they never received your bill. They can painlessly pay you by ACH or credit card without having to sign up for a service. Better still the payment is automatically recorded in your QuickBooks file and applied to the invoice. Much less accounting for you to do!
Bank Feeds. If you bank with one of the more than 15,000 of banks that QBO supports, your banking transactions can automatically just show up in your QBO file. (Doug Sleeter coined a word for this ??“ automagically) And QBO learns over time how to code expenses and automatically matches bank deposits to your customer payments. Much, much less accounting for you to do!
The QB Mac App ??“ this is the coolest way to access QBO. If you have a Mac, you need this! Install this free App from the Mac App Store, and then you can access your QBO company from this native wrapper. Stay logged in, open multiple windows with ease, and experience dramatically increased speed versus accessing QBO on a browser. We use Macs most of the time at Cloud Consultancy, so we rarely sign into QBO from a browser.
QuickBooks Online apps for our mobile devices. Depending on which device youre using, you can view and edit customer information, create and send invoices and estimates on the spot, mark invoices as paid and see customer balances, add photos and notes so you dont forget anything, and accept electronic signatures to approve estimates on the spot. Of course, there are many more benefits to using QuickBooks online. If youre interested in learning more about running your business in the cloud with QuickBooks online, contact us ??“ wed love to talk to you about it!