Five steps to clear specific browsing data from Chrome

Chocolate chips cookiesIf you are having trouble signing into Method:CRM or QuickBooks Online, a common fix from support is to “clear your cookies”.  I find this a very nuclear fix to a specific problem, since clearing all cookies deletes the good as well as the bad.  A better option is to just delete the cookies associated with the web site that is giving you trouble.  The steps below outline how to do this in Chrome, but all browsers have this option buried somewhere.

1. From the Chrome dropdown menu, choose ‘Settings’:

Chrome DropDown Menu
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Show Advanced Settings

Choose Advance Settings
3. Under Privacy click on Content settings

Content Settings
4. Under Cookies, click on All Cookies and Site Data

All Cookies and Data
5. You can search for a specific site and Remove some or all of that sites cookies. To delete a specific set of cookies, click on the grey X at the far right of the line:

Remove Cookies