Method:CRM is a great piece of software for managing contacts, activities, and more. But underneath the CRM is an incredibly powerful platform that allows for a wide variety of customizations beyond the standard CRM application. In essence, Method:CRM is a default set of screens and processes built on the Method platform collectively available as your Method:CRM download. Similarly, Cloud Consultancy’s AERO Workflow Manager uses the Method platform to create its own set of screens, packaged together into a separate Method application. You could take away all the screens, and Method would still exist as an integrated design environment (IDE) and QuickBooks sync engine.

Now, why does any of this matter to you? For one thing, it helps to be aware of the aspects of Method:CRM that are not standard parts of a CRM—for example, features like user accounts and the customer portal are made possible by the platform underlying Method:CRM. And more importantly, knowing how Method is built allows you to better understand how customizable it is. If you’re interested in building a system of accounting processes that reflect how your company does business, we can use the IDE to create Method screens to support that. You don’t have to design your workflow around the limitations of your software. Even if you have minimal CRM needs, the Method:CRM platform can still be a valuable asset to your firm.