Using the CRM in Method:CRM

Cloud Consultancy as Method Consultancy

For both the new and experienced Method:CRM user, the following guide provides links to a series of topics needed to become proficient as a Method:CRM user. Method Headquarters has a wealth of information on learning to use Method:CRM, but it can be difficult to know what is relevant to your needs until you already have experience with Method. Based on thousands of hours using Method:CRM and training others, we’ve selected key articles as an outline to guide a would-be Method:CRM system administrator through the subjects needed to perform the tasks. We’re using our insight into Method to give structure to the copious amount of support material available, in order to provide a simple, introductory course for new users and administrators.  Phase I covers navigation basics as well as other topics. Phase II covers the use of foundational screens, and Phase III goes on to expand into other basic CRM activities. Follow the links below to various articles on our site or in Method’s Help Center, with approximate learning times in parentheses.

Phase I – Navigation

  1. Who is your system administrator? (3 min.)
  2. Logging In – What browser… (5 min.)
  3. Navigation (30 min.)

Phase II – Foundational Screens

  1. Method:CRM  – CRM or Platform – Why does it matter to you? (3 min.)
  2. Leads, Customers, and Contacts (45 min.)
  3. Activities (1 hr.)

Phase III – Into the beyond

  1. QuickBooks transaction screens (45 min.)
  2. Opportunities (40 min.)
  3. Campaigns (15 min.)
  4. Solutions (30 min.)
  5. Documents (10 min.)
  6. Cases (25 min.)