Who is your System Administrator?

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Do you know who your Method:CRM system administrator is? Do you know why you should know who your system administrator is? In short, your system administrator is Cloud Consultancy’s main point of contact about your Method account. They’re likely the master administrator for the account, and probably the person who got the Method account set up in the first place. Your system administrator is the person within your firm who has the most knowledge of and control over the Method account.

So why does the system administrator matter? Because of their position within your company, they can better answer many company-specific questions about Method. If you were noticing an influx of leads from a particular website and wanted to add it as a new lead source in your drop-down menu, your system administrator would be best able to evaluate the problem and implement a solution—a solution that may include getting in touch with Cloud Consultancy! For many small fixes and customizations, however, the system administrator will have the necessary knowledge of both Method and your organization to quickly address the issue, saving both time and money.

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