The following applies to both the QuickBooks Online version of Method and the QuickBooks Desktop version of Method.

Work Tab

  • New: Add > Work – Activity name automatically copies to the activity comments for access from non-AERO applications, like the Activities tab in Method and reminder emails.
  • Improved: Add > Work – Auto-save box is checked by default.
  • Improved: Add > Work – Help icon added to allow quick access to the applicable Help screen.
  • Improved: Add > Work – New  and reorganized buttons allow quicker access to the right action.
  • Improved: Add > Work – Updated the links to My Firm and Billable to make them easier to read.
  • Improved: Add > Work – Removed the priority box from Work Now (unneeded if the action is being done now!).
  • Improved: Work > Assignment – Identified a bug where activities are not appearing on Work Assignment screen.  Contact if this is happening to you for directions on how to fix it.

Manage Tab

  • Improved: Manage > Work  – Show full customer name, including parent and job, when selecting a customer to add an activity.  Identified a bug that causes work not appear here under certain circumstances.  Contact if this is happening to you for directions on how to fix it.

Setup Tab

  • New: Setup > Preferences – Added ability to sort customer list alphabetically on “Teams” grid.
  • Improved: Setup > Preferences – Made the Save button larger and more prominent.
  • Improved: Setup > Preferences – Checkmarks clear on “Teams” grid when adding a user to selected clients’ teams, so that the user knows when the action has been completed.
  • Improved: Setup > Preferences – Inactive clients removed from lists.

Help Tab

  • Improved: Help – Added instructions for overcoming the mixed content bug that causes the help section not to display.