AERO makes managing multiple clients more efficient with user-friendly interface

AERO, a new app for Method CRM that adds a workflow task manager tab, has now been released in public beta. The app is designed to handle multiple staff working on multiple recurring tasks for multiple clients, in a format that gives managers access and oversight in real time.

The previous solution for workflow management was to create spreadsheets compiling all data necessary to manage different tasks, saved to a server. However, this format made it difficult for multiple users to view the same spreadsheet and for managers to gain a bird’s eye view of all operations.

“Before AERO we never complained about the difficulties of staying on top of multiple client deadlines.  We were accountants, we used Excel for everything, so why not task management? But once we started using Method CRM, we realized there was an opportunity to streamline the entire process,” said Laura Redmond, of Redmond Accounting.

AERO was created to alleviate these problems and make task management simpler and more efficient than ever before. Its mission is to provide staff with the steps to perform, the documentation on how to perform the steps, and the client-specific information needed to complete the steps.

With the app, an AERO tab is added to Method’s standard CRM  that allows for staff to see the specific tasks for each client assigned to them that day, while managers can view every employee’s tasks, either that day or in the future. Each task also has a timer, giving staff a timeframe to complete projects.

“We made the timer optional for firms to require, but we found that tracking the time of different tasks results in better scheduling, price quoting and efficiency,” said Redmond.

The app was originally created for outsourced accounting firms to balance multiple clients and ensure that tasks such as the management of payroll for each client would run smoothly. However, the simplicity of the app allows it to be utilized by any company that needs to manage multiple projects for separate clients or departments.

Furthermore, AERO signifies an end to the need for micromanagement. With the ability to track all staff projects from a single screen, managers can let their employees work without interference. Because AERO is based in the cloud, staff can be across the country from their manager and work just as effectively as if they were in the same office.

AERO is fully integrated with QuickBooks and can also be integrated with Google Apps or Outlook.

AERO will be available on a subscription basis for $15 per month per user, in addition to the subscription costs of Method CRM.

To learn more about AERO and to apply to the public beta, please comment below, email aero, or purchase AERO in the Method CRM app store.