The following is a list of AERO Workflow Manager updates for the QuickBooks Online  version of Method:CRM.  Desktop versions are coming soon!
Work Tab:

  • New: Work > Assignment – Activities will now show for clients with accounts on hold, but accepting the activity will show a warning instead of starting an activity.
  • New: Work > Details – A New Related Activity is created with your personal default values.
  • New: Work > Add Work Now – Created dedicated screen for adding work on the fly.
  • New: Work > Add Work Later – Removed Add Work Now option.
  • New: Work > Add Work Later – Added Clear/New Button.
  • New: Work > My Preferences – Added new screen to enter personal defaults.
  • Improved: Work > Add Work – Fixed bug where “Save For Later” wasn’t hiding the Work Assignment screen and going to the Work Details screen.
  • Improved: Work > Activity Name (pop-up window to complete activity information) – Fixed bug affecting class field.
  • Improved: Work > Activity Details – Details are renamed with Client Name : Activity.
  • Improved: Work > Activity Details – Email shortcuts to client default to the Contact referenced in the activity, with a drop-down to choose another client contact.
  • Improved: Work > Timesheet – Updated so that buttons and links are more visible.
  • Improved: Work > Timesheet – Allowed editing of time entries (For instance, if you used the assignment screen to accept and complete work today that you actually performed another day).
  • Improved: Work > Timesheet > Edit Work – Buttons moved and made more visible.


Manage Tab:

  • Improved: Manage > Clients > Client Vault – Now anything placed in the passwords field is encrypted.
  • Improved: Manage > Series – Fixed bug where Last Occurrence was not displaying.
  • Improved: Manage > Library – Fixed issue with Recurring Section not displaying when Template was used.