Major Update To AERO Work Flow Manager

 Screens affected:

  • Add Work Screen
  • Work Details
  • Manage Work
  • Manage Time
  • Preferences

Work > Add Work screen

  • Timer is now front and center on Add Now activities, enabling you to start it before filling in activity details. (After all, isn’t this really part of the task?)
  • Time tracking notes are auto-copied to the Activity comments section.
  • Added a payroll item drop down so that individual activities can be assigned a payroll item if the company uses QuickBooks Desktop payroll.

Work > Work Assignment > Work Details

  • Improved the work flow when tasks are coming from other places in Method, (Outlook, Google Gadget, or regular Method screens) so that those activities better integrate with the AERO, as well as vice-versa.
    • There is a prompt for the Activity name, the first time an activity without a name is opened.  (Activities coming from outside of AERO screens don’t have a “name”)
    • Also enables you to add billing status and class to activity created outside of the normal AERO workflow
    • Can also see and assign names to all tasks missing a name from the Work Assignment list, or from the Manage Work Screen
  • Added functionality on Activity tab
    • A drop down for Payroll item has now been added, enabling staff members to assign a payroll item by task, instead of using a default one throughout AERO, if a company uses QB desktop payroll.
    • Users are now able to reassign an activity to another staff member for delegation or further work
    • Dynamic Work Creation, the ability to create related activities directly from the assignment screen, with appropriate permission levels.
    • If there is a related activity, a button on the Activity tab gives you quick access to related comments.
  • Shortcuts
    • All shortcut emails are now updated to the Activity Log

Setup > Preferences screen

  • New category for users – Manager, which gives a user greater flexibility while using AERO, like creating a related activity.
  • Bulk management of team members – allows assignment of staff to clients on a per user basis or by client; great for setting up AERO for the first time or when adding new staff members.
  • PDF reports on team assignment are available by team member or client

Manage > Clients screen

  • Added a process for tracking what accounting software clients use
  • Renamed Client Passwords to Client Vault
    • Added vault types, like bank, password and other, to better track different pieces of client information. The ability to customize Vault types allows for more flexibility for individual firms to tailor AERO for the client information they want to track, whether it be passwords or QB license numbers.

Time Management

  • Managers can now edit time entries from the Manage Time screen,